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How to keep your temporary staff permanently motivated


How to keep your temporary staff permanently motivated

In the busy, pressured world of hospitality, temporary staff are one of your most valuable assets. That’s the reason most of our clients use temporary staff as a long-term solution. But if you’re going to get the best out of your temporary workers it’s important to treat them with the same care and attention you give to your permanent team, and that starts the moment they walk through your door.

The importance of introductions

People choose to become temporary workers for a variety of different reasons, but no matter how long or short their employment with you is going to be, they still need to feel valued if they’re going to stay motivated. That means first welcoming them into your team, properly introducing them to everybody they’re going to work with. Make sure they clearly understand the purpose and importance of their role and have all the resources they need to perform it – and taking the time to give them some level of induction.

Depending on their role, the induction could be a brief welcome that covers all the necessary details (timesheets, health & safety, tea/lunch/comfort breaks etc.) or it could be a more involved preparation. But even though most temps will be used to ‘parachuting’ into different locations at a moment’s notice, it’s crucial that you do everything you can to make them feel welcome.

Integration is key

Make sure that your temporary staff are recognised and valued. Give them enough shifts to keep them onboard, don’t exclude them from team briefings or social events, and treat their concerns and suggestions with equal consideration. If your permanent staff have access to facilities like on-site childcare, the gym or swimming pool, extend that opportunity to your temporary workers too.

It might sound cliched, but if your temporary staff are respected by your organisation and feel like this is a happy place to work, it will have a hugely positive impact on their individual performance. Just as importantly, it will always encourage them to do their very best work because they will feel more accountable to you and the other members of the team.

Staying positive

Of course, there’s another reason why you should keep your temporary staff happy – if they’re effective workers you might want to re-hire them in the future, or offer them a permanent role. Only contented people will come back, which is why you should give your temps as positive an experience of your organisation as possible.

It doesn’t take much to achieve this: ensuring that their timesheets are signed off and that they are always paid on time is the number one way to keep your temporary workers happy, as are incentives like offering them additional paid hours or demonstrating flexibility and compassion whenever personal complications arise or if they suddenly need to change their shifts. Also, don’t forget that a simple ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ always goes a long way towards making your workers feel appreciated.

In our experience, there are some locations that all our temporary recruits want to work at and some they never want to go back to again. With just a little extra thought and effort you’ll easily be able to keep your temporary staff permanently motivated, and you’ll be more than amply rewarded by their commitment and performance.

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