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Are you searching for the candidate who no longer exists?

Change is something we all have to embrace to grow our businesses, but it can feel challenging to abandon traditional approaches in areas such as recruitment. However, things have moved on and changed in the hospitality and leisure industries and finding a ‘one size fits all’ candidate is harder than ever. Rather than banging your head against a brick wall, it’s time to consider new approaches to how you find and recruit talent, so you don’t miss out on candidates who are an excellent fit for your business.


That’s why you shouldn’t discount hiring part-time workers.


It’s a misconception that a team of full-time workers is a more valuable asset than a mixture of part-time and full-time employees. In the past, employers have worried that part-time workers won’t be as committed as full-time staff, so they’ll lack loyalty, and their performance will be more inconsistent. In our experience, it’s quite the opposite.


People choose to work part-time for a whole variety of different reasons. Maybe they’re not available on certain days because they have family commitments or perhaps they’re students trying to fit their studies around their work life. They may also be new mothers or fathers wanting to go back to work who aren’t able to return full time or retirees who have a wealth of knowledge and experience that would add fresh energy and insight to your team.


Also, don’t discount the candidates who are looking for a second job. Just because they’ve already got one employer doesn’t mean they won’t give you their loyalty too. Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where more and more people have to take additional jobs just to make ends meet, and they’ll want to hold onto each of those jobs as hard as your current full-timers do. If they’re applying to work with you, it’s because they genuinely want to do their best for you, so the fact they’re part-timers shouldn’t be a hindrance. We all have different life circumstances to contend with, and if they’ve got the skills and enthusiasm, you require it’s wise to give them a chance.


In fact, there’s an argument that says employing a complete team of full-timers can be as risky. When you work full-time for an employer, it’s easy to fall into a routine and only stay there because you’re afraid of leaving and facing the great unknown. True, some full-time workers might buy into you more strongly than some part-timers purely because they’ve had the chance to build consistent working relationships and benefited from greater exposure to your business culture, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less likely to jump if a new opportunity arises.


Let’s consider the business gains you could make by mixing part-time and full-time workers:


Part-time staff are an effective way of reducing costs in areas where you don’t need full-time cover. They also increase your ability to respond to seasonal changes in demand – for example, hiring part-timers alongside your full-time team could allow you to extend your operating hours and have all the cover you need during evenings and weekends.

If you need to bring in an experienced person at the last minute, a part-time worker will be glad to fill the gap.

Part-time workers expand the experience and knowledge of your workforce because they’ll bring in new skills and a fresh perspective. In the hospitality industry, this could result in a healthy mix of both younger and older people, which can only be a win-win for your business.

Your full-time workers are already under a heavy workload, and if they’re working in hospitality they’ve got to keep smiling! So, instead of adding to their pressure by asking them to work overtime to meet demand, schedule in your part-time employees instead. The majority of people who work in our industries are doing it out of passion, so they’ll appreciate that you’re not taking advantage of their goodwill and demonstrating that you have their best interests at heart.


So, if you’ve been searching for the candidate who no longer exists, we’d encourage you to think again. In our opinion, it’s the combination of part-timers and full-timers that make the perfect ingredients for a happy and productive team.


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