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How to recruit the best people for your business… and hold onto them

According to the latest bulletin published by the Office for National Statistics, there are now 32.39 million people in work – 146,000 more than for November 2017 to January 2018 and 440,000 more than a year earlier. That’s encouraging news, but the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) warns bosses to be wary – despite the continuing increase in demand for new staff and the fact that the employment rate is the joint highest it’s been since comparable records began, staff availability continues to fall and a lack of suitable candidates is posing a major challenge. The REC’s concerns have highlighted how important it is to recruit the right people with the best providers and then work hard at holding onto them. ““Staff shortages are becoming business critical in many key sectors,” commented Sophie Wingfield, the REC’s Head of Policy, “(and with) skills needs and candidate expectations continuing to evolve, employers need to do more to attract the right people.”

The first step is to work with a recruiting specialist who understands your business needs well enough to recognise when the perfect candidate walks through the door. That’s especially vital in the hospitality industry because, unlike other sectors where candidates come armed with masses of academic qualifications, the perfect hospitality candidate can sometimes be more difficult to spot. A specialist recruiter will have the experience to identify the traits that many other recruiters might miss – not only the signs that tell them this candidate is just who you’re looking for, but also the warning signs when a candidate may look terrific on paper but might not be right for you. For example, at Prime Agency Recruitment we’re not just mindful of your wants and objectives as an employer, we’re also skilled at uncovering the wants and objectives of your next prospective employee – after all, once you’ve found the right person you want to be assured they’ll be as committed to you as possible, not just biding their time until a better situation comes along. Recruiting new staff can be a costly process – especially in terms of time and training – so it’s crucial to get it right straight from the beginning.

Here’s another reason why it’s important to recruit from the best provider possible – because a healthy employment climate still doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a quality workforce without expert help. In 2016, The Caterer.com and foodservice firm Sodexo conducted industry research and concluded that “an overwhelming majority of hospitality professionals reckon it is now harder to find the quality of employees they are looking for than ever before… nearly 82% said it was harder than at any time in the past to recruit suitable staff, with a staggering 93% of respondents saying they found it either somewhat difficult (44%) or very difficult (49%).” (Source: The Caterer, October 21 2016.) Why? The Caterer cited three likely factors – the perception of low pay, the long hours, and the perceived lack of career progression. However, just as interesting was The Caterer’s discovery that retaining employees was often as hard as finding them – 51% of employers claimed it was ‘difficult’ for them to hold onto staff and 8% stated that it was ‘very difficult’. This means that, even when your recruiter finds you the perfect candidate, you must still have a culture in place that makes your employees feel welcomed, valued and motivated. It may require a little extra work on your managers’ and team leaders’ parts, but the dividends it pays will be significant. After all, high staff turnover can result in massive losses in productivity and with employment stats looking so positive unhappy workers will be more likely to take the risk and move on. Please don’t let that happen to you.

Let us help you attract the talent that is interested in developing their skills as a key member of your team.

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