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Are there ghosts in your recruitment machine?

Although it sounds like a subject that’s better suited for Halloween than the beginning of a new year (Happy 2019, by the way!)…

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Boss it in January – how to make the most of the quietest month

When you are caught up in the madness of the Christmas rush, January feels like an awfully long way away. However, before you…

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How can you boost workplace morale?

In the hospitality industry, it’s important to keep workplace morale high. After all, it doesn’t matter how fantastic the food is in your…

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Don’t be alarmed by ‘Brexit uncertainty’ – our clients aren’t!

There’s no doubt that ongoing uncertainty over Brexit negotiations has created huge anxiety in the UK economy, but is the shadow Brexit’s casting…

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The ‘Brexit Factor’ and how to survive it

While we’re still waiting for the government’s Brexit negotiations to reach a resolution, there’s already been worrying speculation about the effect post-Brexit changes…

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The benefits of offering weekend, evening and holiday work to students

Just over a month ago, the government encouraged more teenagers to take summer jobs to complement their education, stating that it will allow…

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How to reduce absenteeism in your workplace

Sickness and absenteeism is a major issue in the hospitality industry. Recent figures show that sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29…

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How to recruit the best people for your business… and hold onto them

According to the latest bulletin published by the Office for National Statistics, there are now 32.39 million people in work – 146,000 more…

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The Worst (And Best) Things About Recruiting A New Hospitality Team

We know from experience that the turnover is high in hospitality— and new research by People 1st backs this up, revealing that around…

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