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Are there ghosts in your recruitment machine?

Although it sounds like a subject that’s better suited for Halloween than the beginning of a new year (Happy 2019, by the way!)…

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Why it’s time to encourage diversity in the hospitality industry

Diversity in hospitality is a subject that isn’t discussed often enough but it can be a tremendously strong positive when you’re building a…

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Are you searching for the candidate who no longer exists?

Change is something we all have to embrace to grow our businesses, but it can feel challenging to abandon traditional approaches in areas…

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The Generation Game: How to attract (and retain) millennial workers

As more and more Millennials are entering the workforce the challenge of attracting them and keeping them is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s a…

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How to overcome the skills shortage in the hospitality industry

How to overcome the skills shortage in the hospitality industry Finding the right people to work in your business is the single most important job for any leader. But what do you do when there is an industry-wide skills shortage? That’s the question facing hospitality executives as we begin 2018 amidst political uncertainty and challenging economic conditions. Fortunately, there are proactive strategies that can help you attract the workers you need for your hospitality business to flourish.   Be flexible about your ideal candidate The time to be rigid about what you demand from a potential candidate is over, you need to think more laterally. The hospitality industry thrives on soft skills delivered by people with the right disposition, so make sure you make it as easy for them to apply for roles as possible. Don’t dismiss a candidate who fits some, but not all, of your criteria. It’s often worth meeting them and discovering if you can train them in the aspects of the…

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How to keep your temporary staff permanently motivated

  How to keep your temporary staff permanently motivated In the busy, pressured world of hospitality, temporary staff are one of your most…

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Be proactive to Brexit-proof your hospitality business

There’s no doubt that Brexit and the uncertainty surrounding EU citizens’ work rights has had a profound impact on the hospitality industry. I regularly speak to clients worried about how our changing employment landscape will affect their businesses, particularly when such a significant number of their staff come from outside the UK. The Government continue to insist that ‘Britain is open for business’, but nobody could blame workers from the EU for remaining sceptical. We can only hope that the Brexit negotiators take into consideration the considerable contribution EU workers make to industries like ours, and the impact their loss will have on British businesses and the economy. What can employers do? The Government has already promised that EU citizens who’ve already been living and working in the UK for five years or more can stay. These workers already know they won't face deportation and are likely to be in a strong position if the market changes and companies compete for their skills. For employers, this presents…

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Why Hospitality Employee Retention Is as Important as Recruitment

This might sound like a strange topic to read on a hospitality recruitment website: Employee retention? However, as a recruiting partner of choice,…

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‘Recommend a Friend’ Lottery Winner

Congratulations to Georgiana who is last month's winner of our "Recommend a Friend" draw! As a reward she will receive £100 bonus paid…

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