How can you boost workplace morale?

In the hospitality industry, it’s important to keep workplace morale high. After all, it doesn’t matter how fantastic the food is in your restaurant or how comfortable the beds are in your hotel if your staff aren’t happy your customers will notice. Staff with low morale can undermine the entire customer experience and negatively impact guest satisfaction, which could result in dissatisfied customers never coming back again. However, team with good morale can take the customer experience to the next level and make your clients eager to return. Your business won’t just be remembered for its food, its furnishings or the incredible selection of liquors you keep behind the bar, it will be especially memorable thanks to the quality of the people who work for you.

So, what can you do to boost morale in your workplace? Here are a few things to consider’¦


When your staff are confident in what they are selling, and when they know they have the skills to give their clients the very best of themselves, they’ll enjoy their role a lot more and work even harder to exceed your expectations. Also, don’t forget that training should be ongoing. If you invest regularly in your employees’ skills and give them opportunities for development, it will increase morale, increase customer satisfaction, and benefit all parts of your business. It will also help to build staff retention and be an incentive for the best candidates to apply when you recruit new team members.


Your workers will feel more valued and respected when you collaborate with them and let their voices be recognised. Remember that your employees will usually be so focused on the demands of your customers that it can be easy for them to feel overlooked and disempowered. That’s why it’s important to listen to what they have to say and give them as much confidence as possible to voice their concerns and solve problems for themselves.

Of course, recognition isn’t just about listening – it’s about interacting with your workers as much as possible (even if it’s only to say hello and ask how their day is going) and thanking them for a job well done. Hold regular team meetings so that everyone knows what’s going on and feels involved in the decisions you make and show your appreciation to team members who have excelled. Maybe you could start an ‘˜Employee of the Month’ programme with a small bonus or a paid day off for the recipient? That won’t only create a positive sense of competition amongst your staff, it will give them all a goal to work towards. Also, show flexibility and compassion when staff have to change their shifts or be absent for reasons that are no fault of their own. Your understanding will keep morale high and pay dividends over the long haul.

Competitive wages

The hospitality industry expects a lot from its workers, but that’s not always reflected in their rate of pay. It doesn’t matter how skilled, enthusiastic and motivated your employees are if they’re feeling monetarily undervalued and finding it hard to make ends meet outside the workplace they will be more likely to leave when the opportunity arises. When that happens, you won’t only lose a lot of invaluable knowledge and experience, you’ll also have the expense of replacing them. That’s why employers who offer more competitive wages or at least have an attractive staff bonus scheme in place, are more likely to attract the best candidates and retain their existing employees.


When your employees know you’re looking after their welfare, they’ll be even more focused on giving you their best. Benefits could include anything from free or reduced-price meals in the staff cafeteria to paid time off for medical/dental visits or from a ‘˜staff wellness’ incentive with a gym membership and/or company health insurance to being allowed extra vacation days or more flexibility with their rota. Benefits are an important way to enhance staff morale, and it’s no coincidence that among the five hotel companies that made Fortune’s ‘˜100 Best Companies to Work For’ list ( benefits, and perks were one of the biggest reasons why employees stayed loyal to those employers.

Social Opportunities

When your staff are happy and relaxed at work their productivity, and their positive perception of your workplace increases exponentially. That’s why creating a communal space where employees can relax and unwind between shifts, holding the occasional ‘˜after hours’ social event, and introducing group activities where they can learn to bond as a team will go a long way towards boosting staff morale.

Investing in your employee’s skills, happiness and wellbeing are more important than ever in today’s hugely competitive hospitality industry, but before you can invest in them, you have to attract and recruit the candidates who will fit most perfectly into your team. We can help you do that. Contact us on 020 7580 4398 or email, and we’ll find you the people who will keep your workplace morale high.