Don’t be alarmed by ‘Brexit uncertainty’ – our clients aren’t!

There’s no doubt that ongoing uncertainty over Brexit negotiations has created huge anxiety in the UK economy, but is the shadow Brexit’s casting really as deep and dark as it seems? When this headline appeared a couple of weeks ago – – it came as something of a surprise because it’s not a situation we’re currently experiencing. In fact, not only are we still recruiting staff for our clients, the demand for workers across the hospitality industry seems to be as high as it’s ever been.

Here’s what the headline said’¦

A survey of 5,600 UK business conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has shown that many service firms are giving up trying to hire new staff members and recruitment problems reported by service firms have spiked. Also, the balance of firms that looked to invest in training has fallen to its lowest level in more than a year and, if there’s no Brexit deal, many businesses will resort to cutting back on staff recruitment.

‘These figures reinforce what we are hearing from businesses up and down the country – the uncertainty over Brexit and the lack of bold moves to boost business at home are starting to bite,’ said Dr Adam Marshall, the BCC Director General.

It’s important to note that the BCC’s survey covered both the services and manufacturing sectors and 37% of the services sectors participants were exporters. You can find the report here:

Even though the report doesn’t single out the hospitality industry, it’s easy to feel pessimistic about its findings. That’s why we wanted to highlight this story and offer a much more optimistic view.

First of all, the hospitality industry is in extremely good shape. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), total turnover of all businesses in the hospitality industry reached £98bn in 2017 – £6bn more than in 2016 and £12bn more than in 2015. Based upon that rate of growth, the figure is expected to rise to at least £100bn in the ONS’ 2018 data. On top of that, the number of firms providing accommodation and food service activities in the UK has grown by just under 20% in the last five years. All of those businesses require skilled, reliable, and personable staff to keep them running.

Obviously, Brexit will throw up challenges to the hospitality industry in much the same way that every other industry will have Brexit-induced obstacles to overcome. There are also justified concerns over the impact Brexit may have on lower-skilled EU citizens’ work rights and hospitality staffing, although there’s a lot you can already do to Brexit-proof your business (see our blog

But, most importantly, our clients are still recruiting. In fact, rather than seeing a dip in recruitment, we’ve noticed how focused our clients are on recruiting the very best candidates available – candidates with the passion, dedication and drive to bring long-lasting value to their business. That’s why our clients work with us, because we have the knowledge and experience to find the perfect applicants and save them a lot of time, money and disappointment.

At Prime Agency Recruitment, we make it our business to identify the candidates with the perfect skills to work in your company, even if they don’t tick all the boxes on a generic form. We take time to get to know our candidates – not just to be sure they can meet your needs, but so we can place them in positions where they truly shine. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending precious hours training people who aren’t the right fit for your company, then having to start the whole process over again a few weeks or months later. It’s expensive and demoralising, and Brexit is already putting enough pressure on everybody’s finances. Our clients know that a short-term investment in our expert recruitment services will pay long-term dividends in skills, suitability and employee retention.

So, don’t let ‘˜Brexit uncertainty’ prevent you from finding perfect staff. Instead, contact our friendly team on 020 7580 4398 or email and we’ll show you how to attract, recruit and retain the very best people for your business. Whatever the future holds, they will always be the key to your business’s success.