What are UK employers looking for in new employees? The answer might surprise you

For the longest time, the traditional way of recruiting people was always to match the specific skills of the candidate with the specific role that was on offer. But, as with all things, this approach has been forced to change. Now, thanks to a whole variety of different economic, technological and lifestyle factors, the demands and pressures faced by employers and their team members are greater than ever. It isn’t enough to simply look for the candidate who ticks all the boxes on a job description. If you want to attract, recruit and retain the kind of employees who are going to continue to make your business successful, you need to be looking for much more than the basic core skills.

A recent study conducted by CV-Library has revealed the top skills UK employers are favouring right now. These are the ones they consider most important:

  • Adaptability (71.5 percent of employers surveyed)
  • Resilience (57.5 percent)
  • Willingness to upskill (39.7 percent)
  • Ability to change (31.3 percent)
  • Ability to balance work and personal life (29 percent)
  • Networking (16.4 percent)

300 UK employers were surveyed across a range of different industries but the universal message is clear – employers are focused on hiring candidates who are committed, flexible, and able to ride the wave during times of change and upheaval. It’s no longer about ‘˜will this candidate be able to do the job I want them to do right now?’ it’s about ‘˜will this candidate be able to adapt when I need them to, will they be willing to learn new skills to keep our business competitive (and develop their own career within the business) and will they remain dedicated and reliable while also keeping a balance between their professional and personal lives?’

It’s notable that networking is on that list of key skills, too. Employers are looking for people who will be advocates for their business, who will spread a positive message and help their business to grow. For obvious reasons, this ability to positively communicate is especially important in the customer-facing world of the hospitality industry.

The CV-Library study highlights something else that shouldn’t be ignored – 89.3% of the employers surveyed say they’re taking a proactive approach to helping their employees upskill. The main reasons behind this are:

  • To develop employees’ careers in the company (67.4 percent)
  • To retain top-performing members of staff (63.3 percent)
  • To build an internal talent pipeline (53.5 percent)
  • To remain competitive against other companies (52.6 percent)
  • To help overcome nationwide skills shortages (17.7 percent)

If you’re going to attract the best candidates, and hold onto them once you’ve recruited them, you need to create a culture where your workers feel supported and encouraged to succeed. This means investing in both your futures, whether through internal or external training or bringing onboard new technologies. As Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments:

‘The world of work is constantly changing’¦ from technological advances and rapidly evolving jobs, to a change in employee expectations. Employers have a duty of care for their workers and with workplace stress and economic upheaval seeing no signs of disappearing, it’s no wonder that companies are prioritising candidates that can excel in the areas [highlighted by this study.]’

But here’s the best news of all’¦

At Prime Agency Recruitment, we already look for the key skills mentioned in the CV-Library report and we’re expert at adapting our recruiting techniques to reflect our clients’ changing needs.

This means that, whatever abilities you’re looking for in a new team member, we’ll always find the very best candidates for your workplace. We won’t only provide you with candidates of the highest quality – top people who exactly fulfil what you’re looking for right now – the candidates we select will also have all the skills and willingness you’ll need to stay successful in the future. And, once we’ve helped you identify and recruit your perfect candidate, we’ll show you how to hold onto them. After all, recruiting staff is a major investment of your time and money so it’s important to make your investment as rewarding and long-lasting as possible, both for you and your carefully chosen new employee.

When you’re looking for staff with skills, we’ve got the skills to find them. Give us a call on 020 7580 4398 or email info@primerec.co.uk to discuss your requirements and discover more about how we can help you recruit the most talented and motivated hospitality team members possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.